Pleasure and learning

Move the Optilene around without getting tired thanks to well marked carrying handles and rubrail offering a truly optimized functional design.

Greater availability replying to an increasing demand in sailing classes, thanks to very minimal maintenance requirements including a high-density polyethylene mast support which requires no maintenance at all, showcases the strength of the Optilene.

A generous cockpit area to makes learning easier and increase sailing pleasure. Thanks to the board cases being placed very low and the seating removed entirely for a more functional design; to a much larger rubrail for more comfort and its unique self-bailing system.

Enjoy ERPLAST professional assistance

Devices, attention and reactivity thanks

French manufacturing

Product 100% imagined, designed and developed in France since 1985. Thanks to the optilène, you participate in the developpment of the local economy and you reduce ….

100% of the recycling

Can be done by Erplast when
the boat is out of service

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